When the government adopted The Texas Schoolbook authored by Herr Reagan they operated through the Smithsonian on the basis of Yoko Ono's claim that it was a valid crime and its plan found out. Together Reagan and Britain evaded failure to warn by misattributing blame. An alliance between Reagan and King Crimson developed because I had gone to them for help. Working with Lewis Lapham of HARPERS Magazine they put out a multi-million dollar bounty on my head among street predators who will gladly hang a deaf white soul for a few hundred. Lapham claimed that Jimmy Crary's imitating John Lennon was on trial and that the evidence of earmarking as a mandatory testing guinea pig was phony and justified, a little contradictory hypocrisy was never beneath them.

The result of all this was that Carnegie Mellon has come to depend on a network of folklorists to provide their folkways argument for Reagan's extermination methods. Rich Warhol artists like Peter Gabriel also used this angle to turn on an Ultrahigh brainblaster as the sinister final call of Hitler's revenge, confident, as Tom Gordon of Harvard was, that details provided about the penis of Jimmy Crary, like the pubic hairs of Lee Harvey Oswald exhibited for the Warren Report, can suffice to distance middle American voters from the earmarked sage, apparently unaware that they put themselves on trial by validating Hitler's sneak attack.

The problem with using Bob Dyland as escalation dominance and dictator of Smithsonian revealed truth in a war crime is that Jimmy Crary had that pedophile adults cannot explain away adequately for Nancy Reagan by appeal to her favorites Danny Pitman and Andrea Swimmer. More than anyone else Don Ostro has been cited by Tom Harkin and Ichiro Suzuki as the point of departure for HARPERS Magazine's draft campaign in an illegal war.

Smithsonian has hoped to confiscate my life's work as property to validate their ideas about how this criminal activity has been processed on behalf of the assassins. "Go ahead and cry," my mother said in 1993 on the night she had me arrested and sent to a psychiatric hospital.

Midori Goto has been a lead player for Nancy Reagan, so have Ichiro Suzuki and David Cohen, himself named in the Burstyn letters. Ichiro was welcomed home as a favored son when he managed to have the rape frame created by Leslie Katz in partnership with Gail Burstyn forged into shape by claiming to be defending me from it on the fudged claim of the key concept in the nature of reality that any allegation a man needs defense from must be valid, myuh. So the Jew against Hitler was then subject to quarantine under the iron law of Queers endorsing an AIDS injection death sentence. The Goto Queerphrenic alliance of King Crimson's sickening and nauseating betrayal by the military are not really the stuff of folklore, nor is the ridiculous attempt by Ming Na We to call me the driver at Kelly School and Amanda Harcourt's evasion of the significance. Fortunately for both purloining estate celebrities the Black Community won't have me around Midori Goto, now, so the lies they tell have a receptive audience around those who know they aren't true. Such is the power of Nancy Reagan's grima wormtongue.

Nancy Reagan's actual guilt and authorship of the AIDS Onslaught and Spike Lee's racialist eugenic partnership in atrocity is clear from the Martial Law as Marital Law concept that evolved at the Licensing Center in a Texas war game called Two Virgins, a prize fight over Midori authored in her name as a medium for re-establishing domination of the former colonies by the Crown and those who dislike the existence of American capitals. The Natonal Security construct of maximum abrogation of rights of a scapegoat brings us to the betrayal of our society by right wing Queers, in their pose of Southern gentlemen.

It serves nazism and Japan in America to have Queers taking me hostage to their stupidly named proclamation 74 demanding marriage rights when they themselves were never more at issue than Jimmy Crary the wayward. They are endorsing the game of using AIDS to straighten them out. The case was validated to advocate for those who released AIDS and getting Queers behind them was awful sly.

Chief Justice Rehnquist wrote favorably about segregation. He was no doubt aware that it owed more to the murder of James Garfield than any other shot fired in history, a murder that has been treated dismissively by the New York Times. AIDS was made possible by the yellow journalism of the carrot tape made by Christopher Hitchens and Adrian Belew for Aaron Dixon with the help of Vince Eirene. Queer Seattle clambored aboard in a psychotic gang bang rape of rioting that was actually prior scripted as part of the Catholic plan for war as catharsis in the rise of Obama.

Smithsonian planted the game all over media. David Crawford's wife had her hair poised Philip Pelusi style (Pelusi is the uncle of Michelle Lubin, my first love) to resemble Melissa Riddle who co-authored the murder of my father. Donna Edmondsen's playful violin gestures graced many a silent corner and empty stage, indicative of Hugh Hefner's partnership with Miles Kirshner. Hillary Clinton put me in traumatizing solitary confinement after a murderous hit on the neuroplasm in which her Death Squad impacted King Crimson's convulsive generator of self-dirtying commentary where I have lived doubled over from stomach poison while my TTY prints the operator message: OLD WHILE I LV MSG.

Midori Goto told two simultaneous stories to me for Arnold Schwarzenegger:

1. That she eloped with the men who mutilated m.
2. That she had been taken prisoner and was being forced to screw as a serving wench until Nancy Reagan had deaf Jeannie'd her for five abortions.

I was not allowed to be near Jeannie either as papal negligence in Allegheny Hospital sat by and watched her teeth fall out from years of abuse like the rape visited on her by King Crimson.

While I have endured this lockout from the pleasures of the world and the comfort of my best friend the Praetorian Queers had Shannon Harps slashered as an example while threatening my family.

The governing idea allowing this Larry Flynt routine of partnership with George Bush madness and domination is a Catholic Worker demand of degrading slave labors under a Rehnquist idea of Majority Rule that shuts down investigation into atrocity. The queers are claiming that sincerity lies in self-sacrifice, the very argument that Bush Queers used to betray Queer Eloi during the stigmata boom, a fact loud in the role of Sean Strub.

Rape as power is a very prominent idea heaped with braggadaccio in Queer Seattle. Their concept of noble obligation forbade their own, exported risk, demanded deadly hazing, suppressed the truth, promoted the guilty and provided the gloat of George Bush over the goat. George Bush Queers never lacked for blowjobs.

In looking over my notes about Andy Ferguson and Niles Shortz I notice that at the time of the 1966 picture of Jimmy before a garage on which was painted, "I LOVE SARI SARIN," mother, that crazed false witness supporting the Klan who drove us from our home when they couldn't take away her job, and who endorses both Obama and Dixon, named our cat, "Serendippity."

She was the daughter of Pitsche.