This recognition as ?Business Leader?, signed by Minister of Labour Jeannette Chávez, was awarded to Nicaragua Sugar and Compañía Licorera "for their decisive commitment and efficient performance in the implementation and development of managerial and organizational systems for continuously improving occupational risk prevention".

"It is a pleasure for us to recognize again the commitment of Compañía Licorera and Nicaragua Sugar, together with their associates, which makes them deserving of this award that we are proud to deliver each year owing to the efforts they make to maintain leadership", said Luis Morales, trade union representative in the Council, which is also composed of state institutions and business organizations.

Morales acknowledged the interest of the management of both companies for standing out in the field of occupational health and safety and for making the necessary investments in training and technology to achieve an optimum working environment.

"For 14 consecutive years, Compañía Licorera has been the leader in occupational health and safety, and Nicaragua Sugar, which also received the highest distinction awarded by the Council, was selected on eight previous occasions in the 'Excellence' category?, said Luis Enrique Martínez, HR manager for both companies."

On the other hand, Kenya Sánchez, on behalf of the Nicaragua Chamber of Industry (CADIN), expressed the satisfaction of the industry sector for this recognition and congratulated the Pellas Group for this achievement.

Safety at work, which reflects the commitment of these companies and their associates towards social responsibility, is also accompanied by organizational climate surveys that are carried out every two years through an online software that allows each employee to enter the system from any place to complete the survey on line or manually if necessary. This tool allows to analyze the level of satisfaction of the employees in the organization.

In 2011, both companies obtained an average score of 81.5%. More than 79 points is deemed an optimal alignment.